Some of the most tech innovative companies in the world are based in Israel, well deserving the name "Startup Nation" thanks to the sheer number of entrepreneurs building businesses there. The number of blockchain startups had tripled in 2018, and there are now now more than 200 such companies based in the country. The government is very open and sensitive to the tech community, and this explains the tremendous amount of capital flowing into their industry.

The mission of the Israeli Blockchain Association is to supports the boost in blockchain related companies and help this transformation. The Association is focusing on finding and developing strategic partnerships with international corporations and government bodies, consulting and collaborating with top blockchain initiatives, and organizing blockchain meetups and inviting blockchain experts and thought leaders.

GNBA was established to help support adoption of blockchain in the country of Georgia and bring together a diverse cross-section of experts to help decision makers implement state regulations and public policies. The Agency aims to establish a blockchain ecosystem within industry and the government and facilitate its use to organizations, businesses, educators and the general public.

Artem Cherkashyn, CEO at Positive Business and Co-Founder at GNBA stated: “Seeing the progress and success Israel has had with the growth of blockchain based startups, we are very excited about this partnership. We are all looking forward to working with our new partners at the Israeli Blockchain Association, and trying to make Georgia the regional hub of blockchain and digital services.”

GNBA and the Israeli Blockchain Association plan to work together to exchange experiences in supporting blockchain startups and helping regulators catch up with the technology. Together we want to encourage the creation of new jobs and flow of capital and business opportunities to Georgia and Israel. 

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