Our Mission

Blockchain offers an opportunity for all participants to exchange information and value without friction, cost or delay. It has the power to revolutionize the finance industry, real-estate, supply-chain management, energy and all types of data sharing.

Our mission is to help implementation and adoption of blockchain in Georgia. We are dedicated to facilitate its use to organizations, companies, educators and citizens. Working proactively with regulators to implement sound state regulation and public policies, we advocate for efficient and transparent use of blockchain, cryptocurrency and tokenization.

Introduction of blockchain can produce a significant impact on economic sustainability, transform the society and accelerate the growth of the Georgian economy. We organized a community of world class experts, technologists and professionals who help us solve challenges, establish best industry practices, and connect and collaborate with other blockchain hotspots around the world.

What We Do

GNBA offers critical support to the community and companies willing to use blockchain technology to disrupt stagnant business models or expand existing infrastructure. Our network of technology, business, government and financial partnerships is focused on helping existing businesses and start-ups expand and flourish.

We are passionate to be the catalyst that will bring excellence, create innovation, educate, and promote technology that will make Georgia one of the centers of blockchain both regionally and internationally.

Education &

We work with experts, developers and educators to promote the use of blockchain technology in the private and public sector. As education is essential to adoption, we offer industry leading knowledge to students, researchers and the public allowing them to learn how blockchain can change how they work, communicate, and live.


Blockchain promises to open previously unexplored business opportunities within one of the fastest growing industries in the world. We help businesses ranging from farming to banking to implement and integrate the technology by providing them expertise and access to a network of blockchain experts, business professionals and legal consultants.


We are creating a common platform to assemble blockchain enthusiasts, local and international experts, academia, policymakers and investors. By organizing events, meetups, seminars and workshops on the technology but also regulation and the business aspect we aim to build a dedicated community and an incubator of projects that will truly transform the Georgian technological landscape.

Who We Are

Founder Avatar

Besarioni Kamarauli

Blockchain Expert, CEO Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany. Founder and Chairman at HotelFriend.com

Besarioni Kamarauli

Besarioni Kamarauli has 20+ years of experience in marketing, commerce, and global economy. Mr. Kamarauli supports the development and inception of blockchain technology worldwide to increase efficiency and speed of transactions at lower costs, to enhance transparency, and to improve traceability.

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Benjamin Hauser

Developer, investor and advisor in the blockchain space for over 5 years. Working to implement blockchain to advance the global financial securities landscape.

Benjamin Hauser

Benjamin Hauser is a developer, investor and adviser active in the blockchain space for over 5 years. He has extensive experience with automated trading systems, prediction modelling and smart contract development. He has assisted dozens of tech startups in areas such as marketing strategy, tech development and capital raising.

Benjamin is the CEO of HyperLink Capital, an investment firm focused on the tokenization of securities and the development of protocol standards for blockchain based capital markets. Through HyperLink he is pushing to advance the global financial securities landscape, using blockchain as a means to increase transparency, trust and interoperability.

Founder Avatar

Artem Cherkashyn

CEO at Positive Business, Advisor at HyperLink Capital, & Investor at Kam Studio

Artem Cherkashyn

Artem Cherkashyn has over 10 years of experience in online business development and SEO & marketing. Artem runs several tech start-ups and invests in innovative ideas, prioritizing blockchain-based projects. He has deep understanding of the business lifecycle, talent management, and strategic planning. Artem is an early adopter and investor in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Founder Avatar

David Ebralidze

Board Member at Tbilinvest. Managing Partner at Ynnovas

David Ebralidze

David Ebralidze serves as the board member at Tbilinvest; the group of companies includes Ynnovas, Stolzpharma, Waysmark, Avalenz, 4Hospitals, Westliche Heilmittel, 1A Wine & Spirits, Millennium Business Group. Mr. Ebralidze is knowledgeable across a broad range of industries and business sectors, including pharmaceuticals, FMCG, investment management, and market development. Mr. Ebralidze supports the global shift toward transformation on the market of financial securities and endorses blockchain technology as the tool to achieve this goal.

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We are an open company and always ready for interesting cooperation. Looking forward to your questions and suggestions.

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We are an open company and always ready for interesting cooperation. Looking forward to your questions and suggestions. info@gnba.ge

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